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Voltron Force!

Post by LostShadowSoul on 3/18/2011, 9:43 pm

Nicktoons has anonuced (awhile ago) that there new show, Voltron Force, is airing aroung the same time that the new season of Speed-something (don't want the show) is airing this spring.

I feel like a total geek, but I am curious of this; I watched the old Voltron DEFENDER OF THE UNIVERSE! on bomerange every night and loved it. I wonder if there going to include Sven...heres the voice cast:
Mark Hildreth ... King Lotor (2011)

Ty Olsson ... Hunk (2011)

Garry Chalk ... Sky Marshall Wade / Manset (2011)

Andrew Francis ... Lance (2011)

Shannon Chan-Kent ... Larmina (2011)

Ashleigh Ball ... Allura (2011)

Sam Vincent ... Pidge (2011)

Tabitha St. Germain ... Kala (2011)
Giles Panton ... Keith (2011)

Doron Bell ... Vince (2011)

Vincent Tong ... Daniel (2011)

Ron Halder ... Maahox / Coran (2011)

I don't see Sven on there anywhere...maybe he'll come in later...


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