Return of the Saviors no More (Second attempt.)

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Return of the Saviors no More (Second attempt.)

Post by ShadedTitan on 9/23/2011, 7:47 pm

I tried returning this site's first ever RP a couple years ago, and it definately never got off the ground. I'm back to try again, and hopefully make things different. This WILL Be accepting Canon characters and OC (OC encouraged mostly) and does not require all nor even any of the people in the original Saviors no More RP. Anyways, plot.

Time: Roughly 10 years after the failed events of 'Return of the Saviors No More' In which the group just decided to go into hiding individually.

Location: Jump City.

Now, a character sheet is not required here other than character name, a desc/picture, and their power, but thats it. if you want a format, use this:




For those unfamiliar with Shade, my character, here is some information about him:

Name: Darion Darkbane (Shade)

Power: The ability to bend the shadows around him to create near any item.

Description: (My profile picture)

So, sign ups would be appreciated! I would love to see, and participate, in a newly active Roleplay.

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Re: Return of the Saviors no More (Second attempt.)

Post by Vandal on 9/24/2011, 4:17 am

Sorry to be such a wet blanket right now, but I doubt this will ever pick up even though this topic has only started up and you don't even have another single post on this thread yet but I believe history of this roleplay shows that we've definitely grown out of Saviors No More. I know you really liked it, but the first one never finished up the second one was a flop because none of the original cast was there to participate (also a factor why it never finished was because everyone had left the site,) the third one was started by Red and it actually got to 20 or 30 pages but due to inactivity it died down by the better success of other roleplays.

It even shows that our character sheets have become more sophisticated and significantly longer to ensure that detail is crafted into our posts. Now the use of spoilers are a standard to make sure the page doesn't take half an hour to scroll down.

We have grown out of Jump City. To make it plain and simple, it seems that Jump City is just too small to contain the magnitude of story development and characters that has been occurring in our recent roleplays. Jump City really feels like all its made up of is Titan's Tower, ocean, and cityscape.

Again, I'd really hate to burst your bubble, but now, this roleplay seems to be rather dated. I suggest you look into Hub City if your plans don't work out with your revival of this roleplay. Still as a fellow roleplayer and game master, I wish you the best on this one if you have confidence this will work out. Good luck!


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