Villain Rampages

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Villain Rampages

Post by TheDeceiverGod on 8/23/2012, 5:30 pm

This is just an idea I had a while back when I was being manic; but I think it’s a good one that still holds water and I wanted to get some second opinions.

This idea basically came from the fact that Hub City is a much slower-paced RP than I think most of us are used to. This is generally how Mame & I play, so I may have overlooked the fact that other players may have expected something a little more adrenolytic from the game. To supplement this I offer ‘Rampages.’

The Idea

The GM, IE: me, or one of the other active members of the forum, takes on the role of Villain, any villain or group of villains, though obviously the stronger more centralized villains would be preferable. No Darkseid or Joker, since they tend to be too psychological for my intention but maybe Lex Luthor+Battlesuit, Solomon Grundy Atomic Skull, Deathstroke the Terminator, or even Dr. Light. Big names with lots of power.

The Players, IE: you guys, take on the role or roles of as many canon characters as they like. I say canon only because basically I’m picturing this as something that starts and finishes with minimal effort on everyone’s part and with as little story/plot as necessary. I'm 50:50 as to whether or not we'll even need character sheets; since we'd be using exclusively canon characters. Also I think it'd be a good departure from comfort zones to get people playing canon characters in a strictly non-plot based scenario.

The Game: IE the RP, would basically be broken down to the villain/GM going on a rampage and the heroes/Players trying to stop them. The fight would start at the beginning of the game, would continue for as long as people are interested/is reasonable(if I'm GMing) and the RP would end with/shortly after, the fight right around whenever people start getting bored. Heroes could come and go. Heck we could even have the villain kill a few if we wanted to, since this would be strictly non-plot based. Players could trade control of Heroes, bring in new ones, use as many as they like just so long as they don't get overburdened, and basically do whatever the character could in-universe, another reason I want to restrict to canons; who's to say just what Original Characters are capable of when push comes to shove?

The admission: I'll be honest. Part of my interest in doing this is just so I can kick some cape-wearing buttocks as random canon villains who you may know from one thing and then find out are dramatically more powerful when I take control of them. I'm planning Dr. Light to be the first Rampage, though The Central City Rogues, Major Force, Black Adam, or even Condiment King, might make an appearance. (In there own Rampage threads, I figured they'd be titled something like "Rampage: Black Adam!") Players could just hop in with whatever canon they want, maybe a courtesy link to the character's DC Wiki page for the more obscure heroes.

The Rules: Anything that's canon!

Really trying to be low bureaucracy on this one. I'd probably be GMing like I would in Hub, IE; I get to call hits, throw your characters around, etc. and you don't but within reason. I think you all know me well enough now to know that my main goal is FUN!

And of course new members would be welcome to jump in at any time! I expect these fights to be an educational sort for all our members, and it'd be a great way to have fun with us vets beside!

Basically, the GM picks a villain and the players pile on the heroes fighting him/her; and that's the whole RP. One big fight scene.

So, interested?

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Re: Villain Rampages

Post by archiesangel on 8/26/2012, 3:20 pm

It sounds like a great idea ^^

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