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    Humor : raven...period. Dry wittiness And people on the forums you guys are funny!lol
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    Humor : 'Just because you're evil on the inside, doesn't mean you can't look pretty on the outside.'
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    Humor : Your face, now THATS funny
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    Humor : If you cann't beat them, ge a harder baseball-bat!
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    Humor : Bravery isn't the ability to not be afraid; it's having the ability to push foward even when you're scared shitless.
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    Humor : Jo momma so fat, for Halloween she dressed in black and went as Night!
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    Humor : Please realize when you're done reading this, I'll have wasted 14 seconds of your life. You're not getting it back...
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    Humor : I'm supposed to be doing my science fair project, but Taco Bell isn't open. -- Let's get this guy on the phone and see if he's an idiot.
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