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    3/31/2011, 5:27 am
    Message by Tizmael
    Hey Red! It's been awhile.

    I noticed you started the thing up, so I figured since I am a little shaky on the particulars (everyone else seems so connected and informed) that I would ask a few questions before I do anything so I make accurate posts.

    Firstly, I am at a snag in my plans. Torn between using Sully or Samuel first mostly. You see, Sully doesn't know any of these people and neither does my speedster. Sully would be on Oa and I am tempted to suggest that the only reason she would show up is if the Guardians sent her there. But that means I would have to wait for an event to occur, OR I was thinking that Tim Drake could have sent a letter of invitation to Kyle Rayner (Who I am sure was friends with Tim, or at least is acquainted with him) and Kyle would have the ability to pass that on to Sully. Or Hal Jordan, or Guy Gardner, or John Stewart. The only problem is no one on Earth would know of her or even have the desire to want her to be a titan, so why would she be there?

    My only solution I really see is using Kid Zoom first. He's from the future, he would have prior knowledge of the Teen Titans and possibly their HQ location. But I could only say he knew it and invited himself to this meeting if you said him knowing about it would be alright. Also thinking about it now, Sam could also be a good 'canary in the mine' as it were. He is from the future; as I said, he would know of big events that are happening in the current plot time line. Once again, he would not have intimate knowledge of said events, he would just know things like 'Oh! That's the Metropolis disaster of 2047!' or something vague and obscure like that.

    Really, these are all shots in the dark. I keep mentioning how connected every character is with everyone else, but that's because they all are. It makes it hard to introduce new blood, but I am totally willing to work with you on this, sooner rather then later preferably but no rush! I really don't want you to feel like I am pushing you for this it's just...Well I can't do much until I know more.

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