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Post by TheDeceiverGod on 2/8/2015, 6:19 am

So here's an interesting thing.

DC's doing it's new title launch. "Convergence" I guess they're calling it this time. It's not technically going to be a reboot, but from what I understand that means that they're not erasing the history they've written, they're just not mentioning it at all. (Hey whatever works right)

But more interesting is that our own orange alien is getting her own title. Starfire is announced to be one of the 24 new titles to be put out as part of the 'Convergence' line. (which I hope means that these titles are going to try and clean up the mess Nu52 made)

Not much has been made available regarding the titles except for the writers and artist as well as some promo art.

Random News - Page 16 Starfire
“Starfire” (Writers: Jimmy Palmiotti, & Amanda Conner. Artist: Emanuela Lupacchino)

I guess they're marketing these new titles as 'inclusive and accessible.' Which I hope to mean 'not marketed exclusively toward 14y.o boys.' Starfire's actually looking pretty respectable; I guess this is the same team that was working on the Harley Quinn comic prior. I heard mixed things about Harley Quinn's comic but it was supposedly one of the lighter comics amid Nu52's black brooding batman-ness.

Personally I think it looks a little like they just fused Cartoon Starfire with Nu52 Starfire, which (not surprisingly) is a horrible way to get anything approximating old-school Comic Starfire (my personal favorite). I'm almost willing to pass the grin off as just, the artist formerly worked on Harley Quinn; but it does make me worry that she's going to be cast as a Pollyanna like she was in the cartoon. (No idea where they got that from Comic Starfire was more like Xena mixed with Superman.) But at least she is wearing more clothes than she has in the past 20 years.

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Random News - Page 16 Empty WE'VE MOVED!!!!

Post by redeagle321 on 4/17/2016, 6:21 pm

This one is for any stragglers that drift onto here anymore, but we've relocated to a new site!


Come and join us for some fun and a good ol' time!

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