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What's with the Superman hate?

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What's with the Superman hate? Empty What's with the Superman hate?

Post by redeagle321 8/8/2014, 10:09 pm

It's happy fun ranting- time with Red!

Some of you may or may not know that I'm a huge fan of the Man of Steel. [And not this new borderline psycho they've been pushing for the last decade or so, but that's another topic for another time.] So, of course, I mentioned this in a casual discussion with some co- workers.

What do I get for my input? "Dur hurr, you like Superman! Superman is dumb, dur hurr!" ..... Wha-? So I go on to ask WHY there's no love for the dude. "He's stupid! Not like Batman!" Don't get me wrong now, I LOVE Batman, but BOY do I hate it when peopl blindly love- or hate- a franchise for no real reason. So I prod further; "WHY is he so stupid, then? He's an iconic character, with a long history." "He just is! Batman is all dark and cool, not like STUPIDMAN." Oy vey. "Ok ok, I'll concede defeat if you can answer two qestions." "Sure, whatever." I figure something basic. "Name me three Batman vilains that aren't the Joker." "Uuuuuh... Penguin.... Twoface... Scarecrow." I was honestly impressed he got it, but whatever.

Now for the kill. "Ok, now name me three Superman villains that aren't Lex Luthor." The answer? "Uuuuuuuh..... I don't know anything about Superman, he's stupid, remember?" EXACTLY the reaction I expected. "You don't know anything about him..... and you hate him?" The conversation quickly came to a halt afterwards.

Now this was about three weeks or so. I tried that little game about five other times since then. NOBODY I asked knew a THING about Superman, and EVERYBODY told me the either hate Superman or thought he was stupid.

The condensed version of this rant is this; Superman seems to have a real bum rep. And i'm not some blind fanboy; i'll acnowledge that there are things downright silly about Superman. But at the same time, I don't think that's a reason to hate a charcter/series/franchise without bothering to get to know more, especially a character that- at least before he was dark-ified in recent years- can be genuinely entertaining and fun at times.

So am I not the only one that thinks this? Or do I have Kryptonite for brains? Let me know whatcha' think.

"Captain, The most elementary and valuable statement in science, the bgining of wisdom, is 'I do not know.'"

-Commander Data

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What's with the Superman hate? Empty Re: What's with the Superman hate?

Post by Vandal 8/12/2014, 11:51 am

I've hated things I don't really know before, it's not uncommon. Like for example, I've seen a few episodes of a show and I decide I don't want to watch anymore because of the inital reaction I got from it. People tell me "Oh no, it's really good. Give it a chance." Well, I did give it a chance. A pilot for a show is supposed to hook you and promise you more of that is to come. Sorry, but if you don't have me by the pilot, you don't have me. It doesn't mean said television show doesn't have a large fanbase.

Dexter for example is one of those televion shows. People love it, I just can't get into it because the main character is a murdering psychopath who takes the law into his own hands and you're expected to empathize with him. I don't want to watch grit for the sake of grit, and I can't empathize with someone like that.

Much like people who don't like Superman, they saw one movie or saw him in a television show, and they made a decision that they just don't like him. There's nothing wrong with that, maybe they don't like the fact that he's overpowered, or that he's the end all of superheroes. Some may know the infamous scene in the first movie where he circles the Earth in the opposite direction so fast that he somehow rewinds time, after all he is known for some pretty strange stories: like how Superman is in a porno with Big Barda directed by a supervillain named the Sleez. I'm sure there's pleant of reasons for people to hate Superman, just as much as there to be a reason for people to hate Dexter.

I also think your experiment is in a very condensed environment with people who generally don't read comics or are even well versed in comic culture. They probably are your average movie-goer who can't hold a conversation with us in comics. Go to your local comic book store and find out what people think about Superman, I'm sure you'll be genuinely surprised. Superman doesn't get constant awards and the #1 Superhero IGN's top 100 Comic Book Heroes for no reason. He is the first modern comic book hero.

What's with the Superman hate? Canary12

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