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Roleplay Continuity

Post by Vandal on 12/22/2010, 5:03 pm

So this we can add on more continuity plots but for now this is an over arching Batman Continuity plot. Anything can be added but right now this is just the Batman story. I hope Red might add The Roper Continuity, Karm will add The Karmy Continuity, Robin could add The Luna Continuity, and Abs could supply us with the Ivy Continuity. I just want everyone to be on the same page when Red's Roleplay, Teen Titans: Next Generation starts. So without further adu...

The Batman Continuity

Bruce started his escapade as the Batman in the late 90s, let's say 1999, he was born in 1975; Dick Grayson was born somewhere on November 11, 1997, when Dick Grayson joined Batman he was 8 years old, so that's 2003, he left Batman and joined the Teen Titans 10 years later in 2013; in between this time Barbara "saved" Mr. Wayne's life and became Batgirl. Dick left with the Titans to protect the Universe in 2025 to leave it to Ivy, Zero and the like, that means in 2029 Bruce Wayne died in Midnight Riders. Before that, The Original Joker shot Barbara Gordon and soon after became Oracle. Bruce could have been working on the Batman Beyond Project before he died, he had been the Batman for 30 years and he was 24 when he started, so Batman would have been 54 when he died. He could have foreseen his inevitable retirement as the Batman and started the Batman Beyond project, and those involved finished around 2023. Terry McGinnis was born on August 18, 2023, 2 years before The Titans left. Dick took on the mantle of Batman in 2029 and had Damian as Robin for a short period. He ran off to Jump City while Nicole took his place. In 2030 Barbara regained the ability to use her legs by using the Lazarus Pit.

Bruce Wayne adopted several sons as his own and as Robin. The three we know are Dick, Jason, and Tim. They have other biological brothers, namely Damian and Terry. Dick has two daughters and one son. Nicole, Alice, and Bruce. Nicole has a daughter, Cheyenne. Nicole, Alice, and Bruce's uncles are Jason, Tim, Damian, and Terry. Cheyenne [24] has an aunt: Alice [15] and her uncle is Bruce [8].

Born on September 23rd, 1995; Barbara is the daughter of James Gordon, she was adopted after her parents and brother died, Barbara's biological father was James Gordon's brother. So in reality James is Barbara's uncle, otherwise Barbara has seen James as her father ever since. Barbara Gordon married to Dick Grayson, later dropping the title of Batgirl and becoming Commissioner of Police as well as a power house of information, providing data to both Police Units and Batman Inc.

Nicole was somewhere in the year 2016, when she was 13 year of age she was adopted by Dick Grayson and was his young ward for a long time, aiding him in his escapade on the war against crime, she eventually adopted Cheyenne Freemont and moved to Jump City where she became the fearless Dawn bat years later.

Damian Wayne was born December 18, 2015, joined forces with Dick Grayson before he adopted Nicole, he quit before the team Batman and Robin was established in GCPD's data banks. After hearing Nicole took his place he went to Jump City to steal the Red X costume which took him two years to plan and execute. He returned to Gotham to reclaim his name as Robin again. He soon helped found Batman Inc with Dick and Barbara, he would leave off on strange missions with his own oracle and only shows up several times a year.

Born on July 19, 2008, Tim Drake (Wayne) was adopted after Bruce helped him get out of a jam with Two-Face. Tim then moved to Jump City later on in his life and became Red Robin after reuniting with the Titans. He is now starting Project Teen Titans as Red Eagle.

Alice Mau was born September 11, 2001. She was adopted by Slade and trained harshly for 13 years of her life, then Karmy Anderson helped her break free of Slade's grip. She left for Gotham, walking from coast to coast, experiencing living on the streets. At Gotham she had forgotten her rough life as a villain and she had been wiped clean off her slate, though at the murder of Bruce Wayne begun the Seven Days that Shook the World. She started a short lived team known as Gotham's Midnight Riders. There she re-encountered Dick Grayson who became Batman and allowed Alice to stick around to help fight crime. That lead from one thing to another, then she lost ability to use her legs when a mock off of the Joker wedged a shovel into her lower back. Having no more ability to move she soon took up the job as an Oracle.

Alfred Pennyworth served Batman, Robin, and Batgirl nearly all his life. When he died Dick replaced him with a new butler only known as Wintergreen. The name refers to Slade's butler in name only, he is not Slade's actual butler.

In short, it all started when Bruce's parents died, he turned into Batman, Dick became Robin, Dick quit and became Nightwing, Jason who became Robin blew up and turned into Red Hood, Tim became Robin, Batgirl turned into Oracle, Bruce Died, Dick became Batman, Alice joined Batman, Damian became Robin, Tim became Red Robin, Damian quit, Nicole became Robin, Barbara got her legs back, Alice lost her legs, Stephanie Brown apparently doesn't exist unless Red wants Tim to have a love life, and here we are.


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